The Projects that will provide a bright future for our children and eliminate imbalances tourism in the north and south of Bali.

Let's be the CHANGE
No tourists - No developments
Tourists - Will become the driving force of the economy and development of an area.

The current situation is an imbalance in the number of tourists between north and south Bali.
% Of tourists in bangli out of the total number of tourists in Bali
The number of tourists is relatively small compared to southern Bali.
The average tourist only spends a few hours in Batur.
CONCLUSION: at this time Batur is not something very attractive for tourists to spend a long time.
It is very urgent to improve this situation!
The average time spent by tourists in Batur and Bali, in hours.
Small number of job opportunities is very small
The small number of high paying job opportunities. Young people are forced with no choice to leave Batur just to earn more money. because most jobs are still using old technology and not yet modern.
At the same time, the potential for Batura development is one of the best in Bali because of its unique location, natural resources, weather conditions, ecology, and natural beauty.
but Batur has more potential!
The number of high-paying job opportunities in Batur in particular and in Bali in general.
We want to help to improve this situation by building the most luxurious tourist entertainment center in Batur!
This will be the center of attraction for 80% of the tourists. Who will stay for several days because in Batur will be built new tourist attractions and entertainment for tourists.
Kereta gantung ke Gunung Abang
+ jalur hiking dari gunung
Dek observasi
dengan lantai kaca dengan pemandangan panorama Batur
Kompleks candi
terdiri dari 3 candi
Ponton terapung
di Danau Batur dengan objek budaya di atasnya
Kereta gantung
dari Tepi Batur ke Panton terapung
Taman Bunga
sebuah oasis bunga yang akan berbentuk figura-figura dari bunga dan rangkaian bunga
Perahu kayu dengan gaya Bali
transportasi hiburan, yang dapat dicapai dari panton terapung ke pinggir danau
Taman Miniatur
taman akan di pajang monumen bersejarah dan arsitektur dunia yang paling terkenal
Air Mancur
dengan lampu berwarna warni dan musik yang akan terletak di tengah Danau Batur
Kompleks restoran
restoran akan terletak di setiap desa
Menanam bunga
Di tepi danau akan sangat cerah dan indah
This place will include:
Cable car to Mount Abang
+ hiking trails from the mountain
Floating pontoon
di Danau Batur dengan objek budaya di atasnya
Temple complex
consists of 3 temples
Cable car
from the Edge of lake batur to the floating Panton
Dek observasi
with a glass floor and panoramic views of Batur
Flower garden
an oasis of flowers that will take the shape of the figures and flowers
entertainment transportation, which can be reached from the floating panton to the lakeside
Miniature Park
the park will be shown the world's most famous historical and architectural monuments
Restaurant complex
restaurants will be located in each village
Water fountain
with colorful lights and music that will be located in the middle of Lake Batur
What will be obtained in 5 years?
This will provide a new push for the development of the Batur region.
The choice is now in your hand, what will be the future for you and your children?
Jawab dengan jujur pertanyaan kami dan bersama-sama kami akan membuat Batur lebih baik!
Jawab dengan jujur pertanyaan kami dan bersama-sama kami akan membuat Batur lebih baik!
Do you want your children to have high-paying jobs at Batur and not go to other areas?
Do you want to have more tourists in Batur and this has led to strong development in this area?
Do you want tourists to stay in Batur for 2 days or more, which will cause 100% villa and hotel occupancy?
Do you want to have 6 new education centers in your area that will train you and your children?
Do you want your children to be more proud of their homeland?
Write honest thoughts and ideas about the project (optional)
Your name
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locals from Batur
What will Batur get from this project?
Up to 2,000 new high-paying jobs will be created
Your children do not need to leave Batur because in Batur they will be able to get a decent income.

In the process of building new hotels, villas, shops, more than 3,000 jobs will be indirectly created.
To fix the tourism imbalances between the north and south of the island:
tourists per year will spend at least one full day in Batur
tourists per year are expected to stay for 2 days or more
5 000 000
1 500 000
New format of tourist attractions for Bali, new tourist spots.
The production of handmade wooden boats by local craftsmen in Bali.
Port and restaurants for wooden boats in each village on the lake.
Thanks to the development of flower culture on the edge of the lake will look more beautiful.
Batur will transform into a much more popular tourist destination.
Produksi sendiri perahu kayu buatan tangan oleh pengrajin lokal di Bali.
Dermaga dan restoran untuk perahu kayu di setiap desa di danau.
Berkat akan adanya pengembangan biakan bunga di pinggir danau akan terlihat lebih indah.
Batur akan bertransformasi menjadi tujuan wisata yang jauh lebih populer.
Format baru tempat wisata untuk Bali, Tempat baru turis.
Training for several types of professions for you and your children
Specialized training in 6 areas:
Gondolas, fish farming
Restaurant, food business
Cable car, maintenance
Floriculture (flower cultivation)
Fish farming
Vegetable and fruit cultivation
Later we have to provide accommodation for tourists of different classes.
It is expected that all existing hotels and villas will be inhabited 100%.
Active construction of new hotel and villa complexes will begin. This is a new hotel and villa development that will be revived by Batur!
With this, local residents will be able to open their own businesses for tourists:
Shop, gift shop
Cafes, restaurants, food
New Housing
Tourism activity.
Transportation, logistics
Entertainment, recreation
The opportunity for Batur to become the pride of Locals.
Increasing the prestige of Bali on the world stage thanks to these 7 world-class facilities:
Princess Lake BATUR
The only floating Panton in the world with world-class cultural objects.
Unique world-class facilities for various cuisines from all over the world (more than 55 restaurants)
Cable Car
The only cable car in the world to floating Pontoon
Miniature Park
Unique world objects in the composition of building objects exhibited from various countries (150 objects from 50 countries in the world)
The second object in the world after Venice in terms of gondolas / wooden boats (250 Balinese-style wooden boating)
Water fountain
World's third highest water fountain
Flower garden
Unique world objects for various flowers and will be exhibited (More than 30 million flowers and 150 million plants)
Why did we choose Batur?
As soon as we see the full support of the local population and local government, we are ready to start the project.
Unique location and natural resources
Has potential in infrastructure development
Large tourist capacity
Total population ready to work
The beauty of the mountain is unique and second to none
Projects Photos
join us to create a better future.
together with our communit we will create a new future for our Bali!

The choice is yours.
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Nama anda
You alone will determine how the future of your area.
Together we make our Bali better!
Express your opinion about important issues. and directly discuss about us for the best decision we can make together.
All facilities are designed, built and maintained according to international environmental friendliness standards.
This floating pontoon will consist of floating pontoon which will have absolutely no negative impact on the environment.
At our initiative, an independent international consultant will conduct environmental studies that ensure the minimum impact of the project on the environment.Atas inisiatif kami, konsultan independen internasional akan melakukan studi lingkungan yang memastikan dampak minimal proyek terhadap lingkungan.
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Tell your opinion anonymously to the Head of Public Relations
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We respect your culture, customs and religion. And we always put it first.
We know that Lake Batur is one of the most sacred places in Bali. Therefore, we strive with full responsibility and take into account all input from the local community.
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